Grandmother Isadora’s Gemstone Tablets

For twelve generations Anne’s and Alex’s family has been the curator of gemstone tablets. Their grandmother, Isadora, is the leader of the Collective, a loosely-organized group whose mission is to […]

Grandpa’s Crazy Keys

A child’s rhyming picture book, a magical bracelet or the keys to open doors across dimensions?  Soon after Anne Clarke reaches her Grandmother’s estate, she discovers just how crazy Grandpa’s […]

Shades of Death Road or River?

Jenny Jump State Forest The setting for the Collective’s estate is based on New Jersey’s Jenny Jump State Forest and the swamp just south of the park. I wanted to set […]

Inspiration for The Primal Key

My inspiration for The Primal Key came ten years ago when I took “a break” from my busy corporate career to spend time with my two-year-old son. During his nap-time, I spent […]