Inspiration for The Primal Key

My inspiration for The Primal Key came ten years ago when I took “a break” from my busy corporate career to spend time with my two-year-old son. During his nap-time, I spent time with one of my favorite painters, Pieter Bruegel the Elder. His painting, Netherlandish Proverbs, fascinated me. What were all these crazy people doing (is that guy really pooping out the window?) and what was Bruegel trying to tell us about them? I imagined climbing inside the painting to ask them. But what if, once I struck up a conversation, I became part of their upside-down world?


Over the next several years a story grew in my mind, and as William Faulkner (one of my favorite authors) said, “If a story is in you, it has to come out.” I took another break from work, this time to write The Primal Key, the first book in my series, The Plight of the Plexus. Although I loved writing the story, the research was fun, too. In resource postings during the next few months, there will be information about the fun facts from my research that made it into the book.

If there’s some detail you’re itching to know about, please email me at: I’ll answer your questions directly or post them on this resource page.

Happy reading!
Cathy Hartley

“Netherlandish Proverbs” image is in the public domain. Source: Google Art Project.


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