Grandmother Isadora’s Gemstone Tablets

For twelve generations Anne’s and Alex’s family has been the curator of gemstone tablets. Their grandmother, Isadora, is the leader of the Collective, a loosely-organized group whose mission is to find, interpret and master tablet spells, potions and lore. So far five have been found, but Grandmother Isadora believes there is a sixth; a tablet that connects them all with a Primal Key—a key to opening doors to multiple dimensions.

Tablet talents are useful on Earth for summoning storms, reading minds or popping into paintings for a quick trip into the past, but, if Grandmother is right, these results will pale in comparison to what can be accomplished in the higher dimensions.  That’s why Seth, Grandmother’s murderous nemesis, must never possess the tablets or the Primal Key. He is obsessed with the idea of entering parallel realities and will do anything—no matter how many people he kills—to reach the higher dimensions.

The Amber Tablet

If you’re an Amber Tablet student, be ready to spend some serious time in the science lab where turning lead into gold or creating a philosopher’s stone is only the tip of the iceberg. Using the chemistry of living art, these alchemists create worlds inside worlds. But they must be careful what they create, or risk dooming an individual or entire civilization to a miserable existence.

Quick Amber Facts:

  • Age: The Amber Tablet is believed to be an artifact from the New Kingdom of Egypt (1550 – 1077 BCE).
  • Language: Egyptian hieroglyphics.
  • Key: The largest symbol on the center of the tablet is the hieroglyph for Thoth (the god of the moon, magic and writing).
  • Material: A mosaic of rectangular pieces of amber.
  • Provenance: A priest sent a message to Gregory James. “Midnight. Westminster Abbey. Come alone.” That night Gregory received the Amber Tablet and a quest: find the other tablets; together they unlock the universe. Although the priest refused to divulge the tablet’s provenance, it was no coincidence that Sir Isaac Newton died earlier that week.
  • Amber characters introduced in The Primal Key: Elizabeth (Mom) and Olivia.

The Agate Tablet

Students of the Agate Tablet are the Collective’s communications specialists, climate managers and agriculturalists. If someone at the estate is talking to insects, accidently creating a blizzard or trying to read your mind, you know they are an Agate.

Quick Agate Facts:

  • Age: The oldest of the gemstone tablets, the Agate Tablet is dated between 2450 – 2200 BCE.
  • Language: Indus script used by the Indus Valley Civilization.
  • Key: The largest symbol on the center of the tablet means “farmers who bear.”
  • Material: A mosaic of agate stone beads each marked with an Indus symbol.
  • Provenance: The Agate Tablet is the second tablet collected by the family. Mary Burns, Anne and Alex’s great-8x-grandmother, received the Amber Tablet as a wedding gift from her husband, Michael, an avid explorer.
  • Agate characters introduced in The Primal Key: George, Simon, Uncle Thomas and Marcus.

The Crystal Tablet

Students of the Crystal Tablet are Transcenders—rare secretive members of the collective. Spies or special messengers, they live dangerous lives. Most die young—or worse—disappear without a trace. Their ability to create portals allows them to cross great distances in seconds. Many also possess a special talent to move between the real and imagined world. Paintings are the preferred medium for this type of travel. Unlike the other students who can pick and choose training locations, all Transcenders must learn their art from Aunt Margaret at the Collective’s estate.

Quick Crystal Facts:

  • Age: The Crystal Tablet is dated 100 – 50 BCE.
  • Language: Epi-Olmec script, a Mesoamerican writing system used in the central region of the present-day Mexican state of Veracruz.
  • Key: The largest symbol on the center of the tablet means “they pass.”
  • Material: A single slab of crystal kunzite.
  • Provenance: Matthew Hawkings, an artist, naturalist and gentleman farmer received the Crystal Tablet as a gift from close friend Charles Darwin.
  • Crystal characters introduced in The Primal Key: Anne, Aunt Selena, Aunt Abigail, Bixia, Aunt Margaret, Emma, Chasca and Tia Estrella.

The Carnelian Tablet

Although the Carnelian Tablet promises to unlock the secrets of life beyond death and rebirth, the bottom third of the tablet is missing. The top two-thirds of the tablet describe meditation techniques for divination, traversing past lives, dream management and communicating with the dead. Unless you want someone digging into your past, it’s best to give these super-serious and pensive students some space.

Quick Carnelian Facts:

  • Age: The Carnelian Tablet is dated between 1400 – 1300 BCE.
  • Language: Linear B script used to write Mycenaean Greek.
  • Key: The largest symbol on the center of the tablet means “wild threads.”
  • Material: A solid slab of Carnelian.
  • Provenance: Jules Sébastien César Dumont d’Urville found the tablet during his travels in the Greek archipelago. Unfortunately, his expedition encountered stormy seas and the tablet was damaged. Lady Anne Brunel received the tablet from Dumont d’Urville in exchange for a number of landscape paintings of his explorations. The Carnelian Tablet is the fourth tablet collected by the family.
  • Carnelian characters introduced in The Primal Key: Alex, Uncle Wayne and Lady Anne Brunel.

The Onyx Tablet

Most Onyx Tablet students study in hospitals or in the field so, it’s unlikely you will meet one unless you need a medic or assassin on your team. They can concoct an elixir to save your life or steal your last breath, and you won’t even see them coming. Able to blend in with their surroundings, they rival the best chameleons.

Quick Onyx Facts:

  • Age: The Onyx Tablet is dated approximately 700 BCE.
  • Language: Chinese Seal Script.
  • Key: The largest symbol on the center of the tablet means chi or qi (life force).
  • Material: A carved, solid slab of onyx.
  • Provenance: Charles Brunel, Aunt Margaret’s father, found this tablet in the British Museum’s annex. At the cost of £150,000, it is the only tablet the family purchased.
  • Onyx characters introduced in The Primal Key: Aunt Helena and Bakari.

Book two in the series is in the works, but there is still room for fan input. Which characters and tablet talent would like to see more of in the next book?

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