Writing The Books

I’m honored to be guest posting on Middle Grade Ninja — sharing how my research into ancient civilizations and art history added realism to The Primal Key.

Anne's Kinderspiele Adventure

When I find an author’s work memorable, I tend to read, and many times re-read, everything they’ve written. In high school, I read the first chapter of William Faulkner’s debut […]

Grandmother Isadora’s Gemstone Tablets

For twelve generations Anne’s and Alex’s family has been the curator of gemstone tablets. Their grandmother, Isadora, is the leader of the Collective, a loosely-organized group whose mission is to […]

Grandpa’s Crazy Keys

A child’s rhyming picture book, a magical bracelet or the keys to open doors across dimensions?  Soon after Anne Clarke reaches her Grandmother’s estate, she discovers just how crazy Grandpa’s […]

Inspiration for The Primal Key

My inspiration for The Primal Key came ten years ago when I took “a break” from my busy corporate career to spend time with my two-year-old son. During his nap-time, I spent […]